Escape the basement – Ghent (ENG)

“During recent renovations we discovered a hidden room in the basement of the “Eskimofabriek”. It seems as if no one has been there for more than 50 years. Help us reveal  the secrets of this basement.”

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Work together. Find keys, codes and hints. Solve the puzzles and riddles. Try to escape The Basement  in time.

For teams from 3 to 7 escapers (Wiedauwkaai 23, Ghent)

With an escape percentage of 50%.

This room is well made. It’s not the classic “riddle – lock” scenario, and with a group of 6 we all had something to do. Both scenario and setting are well organized. We have played quite a lot of rooms (around 25) and this is certainly one of the better ones we have played. There were also some surprising elements in the scenario that we hadn’t yet encountered in other rooms. Reception and communication concerning the reservation went very smoothly. – Team Seppuki on Escape Games Belgium


  • Price: 25 euro’s per person
  • Younger than 12: 15 euros per person ( in companion of at least 1 adult)
  • On Wednesday: 15 euros per person for everyone up to 25 years  (ID necessary for verification and a minimum of 4 players required).

To be payed on location, cash or via bancontact app.

We don’t recommend the room for pregnant women and people with a physical disability. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this.

Do you have any questions? Read the Q&A .

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